I’m Having Dreams About the Kriya Path but I’m Not Interested Yet


I am not so much interested and inclined towards kriya yog but in dreams i am seeing that i have been initiated into kriya yog, i saw this dream three times in one night. And many time i see in dream many saints of india including yoganandaji bless me . So what is the meaning of all these dreams?

—Mihir, India


Dear Mihir,

Have you read Autobiography of a Yogi written by Paramhansa Yogananda? You can read it for free here. Rather than try to interpret your dreams, why not read this book —  one of the most influential pieces of spiritual literature of all time — and see if you are drawn to explore further. Yogananda writes about his early life, his visits with great saints of India and the West, finding his guru, the training he received, insight into the living the life of a Kriya Yogi, the power of the Kriya technique and the goal of the spiritual life. Maybe some of the saints you have dreamed about are mentioned in this book.

Given your recurrent dreams about this path I think it is worth learning more. Yogananda said that if someone comes to him for guidance, and his path is with another guru, he would guide them to their guru. I think one meaning of your dreams is to inspire you to go deeper into your spiritual life. I encourage you to take another step in that direction.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti