I’m Seeing Images through My Third Eye


I am seeing various images through my third eye while I am asleep. They are so clear. They startle me and I immediately wake up. Is this normal? Also, there have been three people that I have seen that I felt had touched me in various ways. Tonight I fell asleep and I saw someone above my head holding a feather. She then tickled my nose with a feather. I sat up very quickly and rubbed my nose. The two others weren’t so pleasant. What am I to read into these visions and experiences?

—Denise, USA


Dear Denise,

You do not mention if you are a regular meditator but since you say you are seeing these things through your spiritual eye, I would guess that you are.

When a person is a spiritual truth-seeker, it is not unusual to have phenomena such as you mention happen to them. The key is not to be really concerned with such things. Generally, they are just indicators that energy is awakening in your astral/energy body, spine, and chakras.

So before you go to sleep at night, or immediately after something like what you have described happens, be sure to pray to God and your Guru (if you have one) and mentally surround yourself with a bubble of protective light and energy. Ask for help and guidance in your spiritual quest and ask to know if there is anything in particular that you need to learn from this experience.

If you do not have a steady meditation practice in place, it would be good to begin one now! We can help you with that, if you like. See: https://www.ananda.org/meditation/ If you would like more information about dreams, images, or visions on the spiritual path, I suggest that you read my book The Meaning of Dreaming. It is available at www.crystalclarity.com or on Amazon.com.