In a Special Meditation Experience, Was I on the Verge of Death?


While in the deepest mediation, I’ve been able to achieve this so far: my angel, Uriel, was at my shoulder walking me towards the white light shining from the dark, with an unknown past love, extending his hand to me and souls surrounding him in the back. I so wanted to go thru to the light, I started mild chest and stomach pain, as well as shortness of breath, and pulled myself back just a few yards away from joining his hand. Was I on the verge of passing from this life? I want to get back there.

—Karen, USA


Dear Karen,

No, you weren’t on the verge of passing away. You just touched a bit of the other world, the world of light.

The images you have seen might be real, or your mind created them, expressing in picture form your inner state of consciousness.

At any rate, I think you would highly enjoy Swami Kriyananda’s book, The Land of Golden Sunshine, which describes his own experience, similar to yours, in story form. It’s highly enjoyable.

Next time you see that light in meditation move toward it. You won’t pass to the other world, just into higher consciousness.

All the best,