What Does It Mean If You See a Vision of a Little Girl?


During meditation, my spirit guide told me she had something to show me. I then saw a vision of a girl sitting in a field beside me. I could feel an overwhelming feeling of love and safety with her. It felt different than my connection with my guides. Is there a deeper meaning behind this?

—Emma, United States


Dear Emma,

There could be. There is a story of the Indian saint Ram Prasad who was painting his fence when his daughter came to help him. Later that night he praised her for her help, but she told him that she had been far away with her friends. So Ram Prasad understood it had been Divine Mother who had come in the form of that little girl, his daughter.

So maybe this girl in your vision was Divine Mother. She is higher than all spirit guides and angels. With her you are safe forever, and forever loved, in the fields of Spirit.

Divine Mother bless you,