Why Does My Head Feel Uncomfortable When I Meditate?


I do vipasana with focus on breath movement. After about 20 mins. I feel my head filled with energy and warmer. Why it is this? It does feel uncomfortable but slows down after about 5 mins. But still my head remains somewhat heavy. Is it normal after vipasana.? Also, I see a black hole when my eyes are closed. It is a tiny rounded black circle with orange light around. What is this? When I open my eyes I see a floating black moving with eyeballs a little faster. It goes off later.

—Girish , India


Dear Girish,

As I am not trained in Vipasana meditation I will need to answer your question with some general principles about meditation. In meditation we seek to still our mind and uplift our awareness that we might experience oneness with the Divine. Qualities of the Divine that we may experience include peace, calmness, love, joy, wisdom, light, sound, and power — which are also qualities of our soul, as we are individualized sparks of the Divine.

As we pursue our meditation practice, relaxing our body and calming our mind, we may pass through various sensations and images along the way as energy begins to move and we refine our concentration. These experiences are usually temporary, and it is important that we not get distracted by them but continue to focus on our meditation technique, diving deeper. At times in meditation we may have glimpses of the divine qualities I mentioned above. In every case when we experience one of these, it is accompanied by a sense of profound stillness and upliftment.

The experiences you describe seem more like the transient variety. When such experiences come up, simply return to your practice, releasing the energy inward and upward into the Divine presence. If an experience is disturbing, and you are unable to resume your practice, end your meditation at that point and return to meditation sometime later.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti