In Meditation Should I Control My Swaying Body?


Swaying of body, feeling push in crown and head falling back to touch back — what are all these feelings during meditation? Should we try to control / stop them? Thank you!

—Trupti Vaish, USA


Dear Trupti,

These are symptoms of rising energy in the body.

Yes, stop the swaying of the body, otherwise the energy is wasted in physical movement. It might feel like fun, but spiritually speaking it is much better to keep the body steady and direct that energy toward the spiritual eye.

The feeling of a push to the crown can’t be avoided. Just make sure you keep relaxed. Sometimes such rising energy tenses muscles.

Falling back to the couch… again, it’s wasted energy. Stay straight in meditation, internalise the precious energy and guide it devotionally to the spiritual eye.

All the best,