Infinitely More Beautiful Universe


My paternal grandma expired recently. Because of my pending work, my dad couldn’t see her at the last moment since we live away from her and she used to live with my uncle in our ancestral home. We were just planning to move out from this place permanently, but because of my work, we couldn’t move out earlier. I am dying in regret that because of my work he couldn’t be with her. I have regret & fear, the fear of facing the same situation. I was thinking what if it was me and my mom died. Please guide.

—SP, India


I am so sorry for your loss. Death of a loved one is very sad and difficult to understand. Remember God is blessing you at this time and God is blessing the departed soul. It is normal to feel grief and regrets.  Be sure to offer that to God so He can help you with it. Try not to worry about what will come next.

At death the soul changes from a mortal life of fear and problems into another infinitely more beautiful universe. There are angels that receive the departed soul. It is our loss that makes us sad and makes us have fear of such in the future. The departed one is absorbed in freedom and light.

Remember to stay in the present and not dwell in the future. Fear will only drain our energy and strength. What comes in our lives is the Divine Plan and we can’t control what any event in our lives will be, so approach everything with openness and trust.  That is our security. And by thinking of your loved one that has passed and sending them your love, that will be the best way to stay actively positive about any future events.

The departed are still with us although not in their physical bodies. During meditation and prayer in the language of your heart ask God’s Blessings on them and on your family. You will feel their love. Also, you will feel the joy, peace and bliss of their new existence.

The love and comfort you feel in return in your heart will be from the connection with that soul. They want you to know that they are in a higher and happier state with God.

Many Blessings to you and your family at this time.