Is Suicide Acceptable?


Is it acceptable if we choose when our soul leaves the body?

—Tammy , USA


Dear Tammy,

Do I understand that you mean suicide? Suicide is not a good way to deal with the problems that come into your life. Drawing God into your life, believing that He is there for you, is really the only way to work with your problems and to find true happiness.

There may be times when God will keep your problems coming to you, but know that this is because you can deal with them. He never gives us more than we can handle. You must take charge of your life by doing what is the right action and by drawing on God’s loving presence.

Do not make bad habits: such as depression, anger, hatred, etc. When these thoughts come to you, right away do something that will take you out of them.

Helping others at this time would be the best way to get out of forming bad habits. This activity will lift your consciousness. By lifting your consciousness and thinking of God, you can overcome bad habits and bad thoughts.

If the thought of suicide comes from terminal illness, the karma here could possibly be lessened, but if suicide comes from not wanting to face your life’s situations, then karma will be strong. Your soul lives on past this physical existence, and you will need to face karma not matter where you are. Face what you need to now. God will be with you if you are open to Him.

Bless you, Seva