Jesus Forgave Judas, But Would He Let Judas Hurt Him Again?


Jesus forgave Judas. But would he let him hurt him again or cut all ties?

—Katherine, Canada


Dear Katherine,

Jesus already knew in advance that Judas would betray him. Even if he hadn’t known, he would have accepted that betrayal as God’s will and plan.

In any case, the speculative question as to whether he’d “let him do it again” is moot, but, to speculate: Yes! An avatar (an incarnation of divinity) enacts the divine will not for his/her own benefit or comfort, or to protect his body or ego, but according to the divine will. Ordinary human considerations, therefore, do not really apply in such a case.

Such a one will take on the karma of disciples in order to help them. Paramhansa Yogananda stated that Judas was at last finally liberated in the 19th century under the guidance of the famous saint and avatar: Paramhansa Ramakrishna (Kolkata).

Thus Judas’ crime in betraying Jesus was neither permanent nor so terrible that he would be suffering for countless incarnations. Judas was, in fact, a highly advanced soul as he was one of the 12 disciples.

The soul is not safe from error until it achieves enlightenment. In the New Testament Judas committed suicide as a result of perceiving his own tragic error. He was thus already on the road to spiritual recovery. (Not at all to say that suicide is the right step in that direction but to say simply that he recognized his error even in that lifetime.)


Blessings to you!
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA