What It Means to be Pure-Hearted


There are so many versions of what it means to be pure hearted..Could you tell me what are the traits of a pure hearted person and apart from meditation, what are the ways to achieve it..Also with life and experiences, is it truly possible to be aspure hearted as a baby or a child?

—S, India


Dear friend,

For the devotee, a pure heart means that one is able to feel God’s unconditional love, and be an instrument of that love to others. For a pure-hearted person there are no longer any strings of desires and attachments that block that flow of divine love.

Here are some ways to achieve a pure heart:

When you have desires, offer those desires to God. Feel a freedom in your heart, knowing that you are releasing all obstacles to the Divine.

Actively bring more devotion into your meditations and daily life; don’t wait for it to happen. Pray, “Lord, teach me to love Thee more.” Practice the presence of God. Feel God is with you any every moment. Use a word or phrase such as “I am Thine” or “AUM Guru” throughout your waking hours to draw God’s touch in your heart and mind.

Use chanting to open your heart. Yogananda said that, “Chanting is half the battle.” This can be not only group chanting, but also on your own, whether it be out loud or silently. Your devotion can be enhanced in this way. You will feel more and more harmonizing peaceful vibrations and love welling up in your heart.

It’s also good to be in the company of other devotees. That environment will be a strong support for opening your heart. Reading devotional things is another aid.

Remember that a pure heart is your true reality, even if that heart is covered over with the brambles of attachments and desires. Feel that you are a deep, sincere devotee at all times. Go through life with that affirmation and act accordingly.

Blessings on your spiritual journey,

Nayaswami Pranaba