Meditating in darkness


Nayaswami Anandi,

In a recent answer u said "Swami Kriyananda mentions that it is better not to meditate in total darkness."

Can you please elaborate why?


—S, US


Dear S,

It has been quite a while since I heard Swami Kriyananda make this statement, so I will give you my memory of the reason why. I am less certain of the reason he gave at this point than of my memory of him saying not to meditate in darkness.

When we meditate, we are going to a sensitive and open inner place. Our goal is that our efforts take us upward toward superconsciousness and toward God. There is always the possibility (and this seemed to be the case with the person who wrote and said that he became fearful when meditating in the dark), that we may be pulled down by subconscious energy, or even (though less common) by negative astral beings.

Having the light helps to lift and focus our energy. I know there are deep meditators who prefer the darkness since they are better able to see the inner light in total darkness. If you are a deep meditator of that sort, I would imagine it’s fine to meditate in darkness.

In divine friendship,


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