Meditating with Other Spiritual Groups


Hello divine yogis! There is a meditation centre nearby which practices a different meditation technique compared to what Master has taught us. Is it alright if I practice Hong Saw along with them just for the sake of being in a group meditation, or is it not? That is, will there be different energies due to the differing techniques and cause me problems or anything like that? Thank you

—Kailash, India


Dear Kailash,

Yours is an excellent question and poses a dilemma that is not uncommon. There is no “pat” or black and white answer. Group meditation and satsang with others is very important while mixing even spiritual energies can be confusing. So, I say, “try it and see.” If in your association with these others the topic is raised it would be good to be clear and up front saying something like “My guru is Paramhansa Yogananda and I practice the techniques he gave……but I would like to meditate with others……so I hope it’s ok if I come and meditate with you here!” Or, something like this.

So, try it and see. Ananda also has online meditations! You can check with and, if not there, then from California (USA). ok?

Nayaswami Hriman