Meditation Experiences


I have been experiencing an awakening and have received knowledge about my aura changing color from green to aqua marine and a few times red, purple, and yellow. What does this mean, if anything?

—adam brett, united kingdom



Perceiving subtle phenomenon, radiations, colors, sounds, fragrances, shapes and so on are powers attributable our astral body. The astral precedes, occupies, and survives the appearance and disappearance of the human body. Therefore, each person has the attributes and powers latent and particular to the astral form from which the physical body derives.

Thus it is that a person might have intuitive insights about another person’s health or destiny and yet not be especially highly evolved spiritually. Seeing the aura, therefore, does not necessarily carry a spiritual significance or message. Other than, I suppose, the helpful realization that these things DO exist and that one has reawakened the memory and the power to perceive such subtle radiations which are not seen by the physical eyes.

If you are meditating for spiritual growth, as an act of devotion to the Supreme Being or one’s guru, etc., or otherwise for higher consciousness, such things, like seeing auras, and many other things, and even NO-things, will generally accompany the efforts to go within and re-direct one’s awareness away from the body and senses and toward more subtler realities.

Nothing to fear; nothing, therefore to “crow about,” but a good sign that you are indeed awakening to the next level of energy-awareness. Ok?

Blessings to you on your journey to Self-realization!
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA