Meditation Experiences


I can feel a whirlpool of energy inside my body which is constantly moving. The vibrations are intense and feels like it is messaging and reshaping the body. While doing meditation the vibrations increase. After meditating on the vibrations, the body feels like a void. I also had a shoulder fracture 16 years ago. It feels like the vibrations are blocked in the shoulder region. I am always drawn towards meditating on the vibration and find it difficult to focus on work. How can I stop this.

—Soumya, India


Dear Friend,

Reading your note forgive me if I had to chuckle to myself. In Autobiography of a Yogi, Swami Pranabananda was so overwhelmed by the bliss of his kriya yoga practice that he could not perform his duties at work. Lahiri Mahasaya suggested he apply for a pension and simply explain what was happening. By some miracle, the pension was granted.

I wish I could suggest the same to you!

Are these vibrations pleasant? Blissful? Do they provoke devotion and love for God? How long has this been happening? Just recently? Or for months or years?

Your comment about the previously fractured shoulder makes me wonder if there’s something biological going on with your nervous system. You should take steps to make sure this issue isn’t something physical.

Normally, meditation experiences that are somewhat odd or unnormal begin to even out as the meditator goes deeper into stillness.

Put another way, astral phenomenon are often simply a distraction and one that goes away naturally, especially if the meditator simply continues with his practice, with his devotion and with his effort to lift his attention upward to the higher chakras.

It’s a little like going underwater in scuba gear or climbing a high mountain: the astral atmosphere and even the doorways peeking into the astral realm are new to us and seem sensational. Sometimes we vibrate in various ways, not unlike a plane hitting the sound barrier. It all settles out over time if we stick with it pleasantly, with faith, and calmness. Most meditators, new to these things, get distracted or even confused. Some even imagine they are more spiritual or specially blessed when in fact they are new to it and need to accustom themselves to a new level of reality (one that is far larger and more varied than the physical realm).

So, be patient. Do some physical stretches or yoga prior to sitting to meditate. Go slowly through some simple pranayams as you “lower yourself” into the spinal elevator that leads upward to Spirit. Pray for guidance and support to God and gurus, asking their blessing upon your daily journey to Self-realization. (But do also investigate your own physical health, blood pressure, sugar levels and other basic levels of metabolic health.)

May the Light of God and gurus be ever your guide to freedom,

Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA /