What Are These Experiences in Meditation?


During meditation I feel some kind of energy in my pelvic area and then a wave of sensations from time to time in the entire body. The sensation in the pelvic area I can trigger myself even when not in meditation but in meditation it is much more intense. When I do this, solidified sensations that surfaced in the body disappear and sometimes a golden light appears. It is not painful but is not pleasant either. What is it? Should I stop that? I practice Vipasana.

—Bogdan, Romania


Dear Friend,

So long as you are engaging in meditation for the purposes of spiritual awakening leading to enlightenment, let such experiences come of their own. When they do come, draw the energy upward toward the spiritual eye, offering the light or energy that has come to you back to its source with devotion, gratitude, and self-offering.

Most such experiences do not convey a personal message or significance. They are signposts that give you a sense of direction and something to focus upon. Such astral phenomenon come to you to help sharpen your sensitive awareness of subtler realities. They should not be used for “entertainment” or for boasting to others about them.  These experiences can be a point for meditative concentration. They exist not for their own sake but for the sake of raising your energy and awareness upward towards superconsciousness.

I do not recommend your triggering such things on your own and on purpose lest they become a mere distraction. Hopefully, these things are not a sign of any medical issue but if you think it helpful,  have a medical professional check it out. Otherwise, stay on course with your meditation, devotion, and concentration. Ok?

Blessings to You,
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA