Meditation Experiences


Whenever i do meditation my entire focus shift on my right eye and i feel sensation inside it and the sensation last for longtime even after meditation. I do vipassana meditation, sit and watch of breath.

is it healing process, Is it normal ?

Most of time in mind feeling comes like "Who am I? and Why do i exist?

I want to be in mediation for 24 hours, please guide.

—Subh, India


Dear Subh,

The sensation of feeling in the right eye that you describe as occurring both in meditation and even afterwards, is an unusual phenomenon. Does this affect your vision in any way? If so, I would see an eye doctor. If not, I would not be concerned.

However, here is a point to consider: the right eye (energy-wise) represents reason and the left eye represents feeling. From your other comments I could deduce that your intention and focus in life and during meditation is primarily analytical (rather than, say, devotional). Based on this, you might consider the value and importance of emphasizing feeling (inspiration, devotion, joy, etc.) into your Vipassana meditation practice.

During meditation when you feel energy in the right why don’t you calmly and sensitively shift your attention to the left eye! Another way to do this is to focus your attention at the point between the eyebrows, thus balancing the energy of the eyes toward the middle: the seat of the “third” eye (seat of concentration and doorway to enlightenment).

As to whether the feeling in the right eye represents some form of healing, my sense of it is that this isn’t a healing so much as an outward flow of psychic energy. This is partly validated by the thoughts that arise, as you describe, “Who am I?” and “Why do I exist?”

These are excellent questions and inquiries but know that the answer is a non-verbal, experiential one. “Who am I” can only be answered by the experience of Self. So let your questions dissolve into actual, direct, and intuitive perception (not in the form of a verbal “answer” but in the actual experience which will never be the same; always new; always deeply satisfying).

To be in meditation 24 hours a day requires effort AND grace. Take the peace and feeling of meditation and carry in the back of your “mind” during your activities until that feeling is always present with you. Pray for the grace to remain mindful under all circumstances. You will not likely achieve meditation 24/7 by simply sitting there; nor, likely will your duties, your body, or life circumstances permit it. It is better for most of us to lead an active, joyful, serviceful and willing life, ever mindful of the divine presence within and without. Do your best and “let God do the rest.”

Joy and blessings to you,

Nayaswami Hriman

Seattle WA USA