Meditation Experiences


I have, in recent months, become fully aware of the energy flowing through my body. While meditating with certain frequencies, I have noticed that I can, at will, hold my eustacian tubes (in my ears) open. This greatly magnifies the sound level and vibrations inside my head! My question is, is this something I should focus on in my training, and what benefits if any can it have?

—Michael Ziegler, United States



I happened recently to come across YouTube videos on how to open the eustachian tubes and how this can improve hearing. The inner, astral sound of Aum, or its derivatives in the specific sounds of the chakras, are not a product of having good (physical) hearing. Thus a deaf person might just as easily, indeed, more easily, “hear” (feel) the AUM vibration better than someone with excellent hearing.

When we teach the technique of hearing the inner sounds we describe to students the importance of distinguishing between the physical sounds of the heartbeat, blood flow and electrical body sounds from the subtler, more entrancing sounds of the chakras and of AUM. This can only come with practice and calm observation and inner concentration.

Even, however, assuming that these subtler astral sounds (vibrations) are, in fact, what you experiencing, the next step is to focus one-pointedly upon them as “objects” (to quote Patanjali) of concentration. This will help deepen your power of concentration in meditation.

The next step is to approach and relate to the inner astral sounds as the divine song of God’s presence within you (as Divine Mother). Establish a loving, living relationship to the divine indwelling presence: offer yourself into the transforming power of AUM; or, alternatively, invite the AUM vibration to fill you, every cell and to so “possess” as to be One. (There are other stages to describe but this is certainly plenty: see Chapter 20 of the book, “Essence of Self-Realization.”

Sometimes we get distracted by the phenomenon and experiences in meditation and forget the goal: to find God! Indeed, Patanjali says that one of the obstacles to enlightenment is “missing the point.” What awaits each of us as we awaken to the astral and causal worlds is beyond “imagination of expectancy.” So don’t get too “dizzy” over these beginning experiences but see if with devotion and concentration they can take you into ever deeper, ever longer, ever-thirst quenching superconscous union (“dhyana”).

Joy and blessings to you,
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA