Meditation Experiences


i was meditating today in the morning and it was not going very well, after kriya i was relaxing a bit lying down and repeating hong-sau mantra. suddenly i felt like a fire cracker being burst in the middle of my eyebrows, i mean i felt the vibration and heard the noise,..i opened my eyes right then and found everything to be normal. i felt very queer,it was just a split-second thing and then totally disappeared. what was that?

—Moumita Dutta, India


Dear Friend,

Experiences like that (a burst of energy or light at the spiritual eye) certainly do occur periodically: if not to every meditator, at least to some from time to time. Given the intensity of our focus as we are taught in meditation (including kriya meditation), it shouldn’t surprise us if we experience a burst of energy at the point between the eyebrows.

Generally, these inner experiences (you could call them astral, or psychic, and even physical responses from the brain and nervous system), do not convey a particular or specific meaning or interpretation, spiritually or emotionally speaking. Rather, these kinds of things are “energetic:” the consequence of the focus of psychic, emotional and physical energy (including the result of devotion, mental concentration, and physical relaxation with one-pointed focus).

Thus, it is very likely nothing to be concerned about. You didn’t indicate if you found the experience pleasant or unpleasant or that it resulted in any lingering effects like dizziness, headache, or inability to concentrate or to think clearly, so I assume it simply happened “in a flash” and was done.

As a kriyaban, it would unsurprising if over time and with ever deeper practice that your “astral” five senses (accessed through the sixth sense of intuition) begin to bring you sounds, tastes, smells, images, and feelings that are not outward or material, but inward and subtle. Yet, when they occur, they are often surprising and thus at first we assume they are outside of us or related to the physical body when, in fact, there was NO outer sound or explosion of light (etc.) but only an inner experience. So you might prepare yourself for a periodic burst of energy in various forms either during meditation or afterwards during activity, sleep or when otherwise relaxing.

If there is some message or meaning to an inner experience it is usually conveyed intuitively in or just after the experience. But normally there is no specific message or interpretation to be found or sought.


Blessings and joy to you,
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA