Meditation on Spiritual Eye


Is okay while you meditate on the spiritual eye to repeat silently the word AUM?

—Gianfranco, United States


Dear Friend,

Yes, of course! Silently chanting AUM as you focus with devotion and self-offering upon the spiritual eye (or at the point between the eyebrows) is wonderful. All of the primary meditation techniques given to us by Paramhansa Yogananda include focusing internally at this point. Indeed, even during activity it is helpful to maintain an awareness of the point between the eyebrows. Speaking to another person can also be done from your spiritual eye to the other person’s.

There are various techniques (e.g. chakra meditations or listening to AUM) where your attention has another primary focus but in principle and with practice the eyes at least can be upraised in their gaze at the point between the eyebrows (this takes practice, however to do two things at once).

Thus you may find that at times doing both (focusing at the spiritual eye AND chanting AUM) is difficult but once you get into the flow of it, it can be very helpful. To be practical, however, there may be times when trying to do both gets distracting or even irritating. In such case do one or the other until equilibrium is reestablished and you feel you can go deep doing both together.

There’s nothing wrong with just one at a time. Although I do not speak with authority, my recommendation would be to start with calmly focusing with relaxation and devotion at the spiritual eye and let the chanting of AUM arise naturally and quietly as if inside the right ear. The AUM may ebb and flow but if your gaze at the spiritual eye can be maintained, my view is that you’ll go deeper. [This recommendation assumes you have not been initiated into the AUM technique as Yogananda taught it. If, however, you HAVE learned that technique I would reverse my recommendation and have you focus as you have been taught on the AUM technique and add the focus at the spiritual eye as your silent chanting of AUM recedes as the inner sounds begin to appear.]

I assume that your question relates to sitting in the silence after the practice of any specific techniques.

ok? Blessings to you!
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA