Meeting Souls Who Have Passed


It is said that when we leave the body we meet our relatives we have touched on earth. For example Let say the wife dies. And then years later so does the husband. By this time the wife (soul) would have taken another human body. How does the beloved husband would meet this soul when he dies? Or for all the relatives (mother, father) for that matter? Is it that may be when we are asleep that we meet that in sub conscious state?

—Koyal, India


Dear Koyal,

Souls that have been closely connected in this life — whether with positive affection or possibly animosity — are destined to have a connection again, meeting in another life to fulfill the karma that has been set in motion.

This is true not only for relatives. Relationships in future incarnations are often not in the same roles as in the current life. For example, the soul of a mother who lost a son in this life may be reborn as the daughter or sister or son of the reincarnated son. We do not necessarily have a future life connection with all our relatives, but we likely will with those with whom we have had a strong relationship.

Some souls may reunite in the astral plane where the dimension of time is not as it is on earth. But often karma between souls is most easily balanced on the material plane. The cross-currents of karma incurred over millions of lives is complex, and how it plays out in future lives is not something one can easily predict. This is in God’s hands.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti