What Type of Music Should You Listen to While Meditating?


Is it ok to listen to music (specifically meditation music — labeled on Youtube)? In order to suppress the ambient sounds (kids shouting, babies crying), I put on some meditation music and meditate. Is this practice ok?

—Gautam Sharma, India


Dear Gautam,

Music is a powerful vibration that influences us on many levels.

If you find it helpful to use it in this way this is fine. When meditating one wants to work towards concentrating deeply: at first on the technique to prepare oneself and then on being very still and inwardly listening.

Make sure that the music you are listening to supports this and does not draw you into distraction generally, or some realm suggested by the music itself. Music is an extension of consciousness. A sensitive person like yourself, one who meditates, will notice the difference in different kinds of music, even music “for meditation.”

Listen with discrimination and select music that draws you toward the superconscious state or at least supports it. We are blessed at Ananda to have music that does just this. You can access this through Crystal Clarity Publishers if you are interested.

Bless you for not being deterred or giving up. Outward obstacles are always a challenge and need to be surmounted by superconscious solutions. I wish you well. Happy meditating.

Nayaswami Maria