My Astrological Bangle Broke – Does This Have Any Special Meaning?


Years ago I ordered an astrological bangle of Paramahansa Yogananda. I have used it for years and it has always protected me, but two years ago it broke, and now I wear it with the silver thread being broken in a certain place. I wonder if this has any meaning? And if I wear it without fixing it, does it have less protection? I guess so, but it could be useful anyway.

—Annalisa Rishika, Italia


Dear Annalisa,

Don’t worry. It doesn’t have any special meaning. The metal can simply break after some years. Mine did too and I had it fixed.

Yes, it is less effective if it is broken, so it would be good to have it fixed. Certainly its effectiveness won’t be cancelled altogether, but a “healthy” bangle surely works better.

All the best, Jayadev