My Boyfriend Saw a Hellish Spirit at a Cemetery. What Was It?


My boyfriend and I just went to a cemetery and he saw a spirit. We where wondering what it is. It had glowing red eyes, 9 razor sharp teeth, 2 ft long tongue, arms that where the size our feet and arms combined, and the body was half the arms length, and it had 2 fingers like a crab claw.

—Meg, United states


Dear Meg,

Is your boyfriend given to vivid imagination or fantasy? Sometimes, in such cases it is the subconscious mind which can show us such things which appear amazingly real. They come from the same source as our dream pictures. He might be 100% convinced that it was real, but maybe it wasn’t.

Yogananda met a man, for example, who was completely convinced he could travel astrally (in the energy body). He could see clearly the places where he was flying to (so he thought). To help him, Yogananda asked him to “fly” to the restaurant downstairs from them and to describe what he saw. He did so, fully convinced. Yogananda then gave a different description of what he himself saw in the restaurant. They went downstairs to check. Everything was as Yogananda had said. The man realized then that his own visions were nothing but a product of his vivid subconscious mind.

It is, for example, not easy to see if teeth are razor sharp. But it can easily be imagined.

There is also a little possibility that it was a real vision. There are astral beings around, good and bad. In that case the vision was a pretty hellish one. These beings appear, generally, only by invitation, which would not be a good sign for your boyfriend.

However, the description he gave sounds rather like vivid imagination to me. He might not like this answer, though.

All the best,