Since everything is a projection of our own inner self in outer world. The negativity n positivity we feel from others or situations included..that means nobody is negative n its only us!!.this leaves me confused. I feel a lot of negativity from some people, being an empath i could sense energies very easily..feel other people’s pain n happiness ...this leaves me confused!!...please guide me...

—Esha, India


Dear Esha,

The mind is like a sharp knife: it can cut through ignorance or it can blind us! This world and our minds and consciousness are not our own. While it’s true that when we are unhappy or moody we see the world through an unhappy filter, it is ALSO true that others can be happy or sad (or negative). The reality of the universe must be understood to be BOTH-AND. Not, EITHER-OR!

As our hearts open and expand to embrace an ever larger reality, including the realities of others, we do indeed feel their pain and happiness. But unless we expand from our own transcendent center, unaffected personally by the ebb and flow of energies around us, we will be impacted by those energies.

The solution for some people is to shut down but that only brings them pain. Our soul’s only real option is to expand our hearts. But we must use the power of guru’s grace and God’s presence to first center ourselves within. Daily prayer and meditation are essential to finding that unruffled inner peace that is our true home and Self. From that equanimity, we can feel the consciousness of others without being made emotional or moody ourselves. In fact, we cannot really help anyone if we, too, fall into the pit of emotions.

It is also extremely important to put out positive energy: radiating peace, wisdom, and goodwill out into the world and to the hearts of others. This serves both to protect ourselves (our vibration and aura) but also to bless others: a true WIN-WIN for everyone.

Keep your daily appointment with Eternity, with Divine Mother, and you will always be protected.

Blessings flow from within and without!
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA