New to Meditation Questions


I have started meditation like two weeks ago. I meditate for 20 minutes daily in the evening. I observe different colors appearing like waves, no particular pattern. Mainly I see deep purple, dark blue , olive green. But i see them for a minute or two.

Secondly I am still not able to focus/concentrate fully.

and lastly whenever i am trying to see between the eyebrows (little above the eyes) with closed eyes, my eye lids start fluttering giving a feeling like i am not

Pl advise and help me.

—K Sreedhar, India


Dear K Sreedhar,

Congratulations on starting a meditation practice! It is wonderful that you have a regular daily routine for meditation and 20 minutes is a good length of time for a new meditator. I hope I can help with your questions which I will answer in order from last to first.

We do uplift our eyes gently to the point between the eyebrows during meditation. This eye position helps us access that higher level of consciousness that is our goal in meditation. I think the fluttering you are experiencing might be due to tension of some sort; either muscle tension in the forehead in the area between the eyebrows, tension in the muscles in and around the eyelids, or possibly trying to uplift the eye gaze to an extreme position (eyes sort of rolled up into the head). A technique to help us find that relaxed, uplifted eye position is to extend your arm out in front of you, you can point your thumb upward. Fix your eye gaze on the tip of the thumb and then lift the thumb up directing your gaze gently upward, as if looking just above the horizon line. Then close your eyes and maintain that eye position. You can lightly touch the forehead and eye area to see if you might be tensing the muscles around that point between the eyebrows or around the eyes in an attempt to maintain your concentration. If you notice that just soften and relax the tension. A key point in meditation is to be deeply relaxed while also being very alert, aware and concentrated on inner realities.

Meditation practice is a process of steadily increasing our ability to concentrate on these inner realities. That is why we are given meditation techniques to help us with the ‘monkey mind’ that wants to restlessly ramble around in random thoughts. Are you using a meditation technique as you practice? You might want to take a look at

to learn more about meditation techniques.

Some meditators do have various visual experiences during meditation including seeing colors. When visual experience is accompanied by deep calmness and peace then you are moving in the right direction. If the visual experience is distracting or disturbing then it is not helping you go deeper into those inner higher realities. Regardless of the visual experience we should not become attached to the idea that meditation should be accompanied by these experiences. Often these experiences come and go. Our goal in meditation is accessing the inner state of peace, calmness and joy that is the fruit of ever deepening meditation.

Many blessings on your meditation practice.
Nayaswami Mukti