Opportunities, not Obstacles


I am 21 old boy studying in college. 3 years back I had one fight at school without reason and after that I become so depressed and angry. On those days I cried but silently so after some months I noticed I developed dark circles under my eyes. Now at present I don’t have past affect but I still have dark circles under eye. I sleep properly but dark circle are still there. What to do please please reply.

—Subhamay sinha, India


I am sorry to hear about your difficulties. Such difficulties seem so unfair but always, if we rely on the Inner Strength which is God, we can understand them and can use them as opportunities not as setbacks! You can develop the skills needed to work with challenges like these by finding the right tools! The physical manifestation of the ‘dark circles’ may just go away with a new approach. Don’t give up. Consider solutions.

You can take a proactive stance ‘against’ these kind of influences by engaging the will power and calling on God. The affirmation ” I have within me the power and intelligence I need to meet all the problems of this day. I shall live today in perfect faith, calling on this power as the need arises.” This is an except from the book How to have Courage, Calmness and Confidence; The Wisdom of Yogananda.

This link, also, may be of interest to you. It is about how to have courage, calmness and confidence in everyday life.


Most important is to keep a close connection with God in your life. If you do a meditation practice, after you have finished, call on God in the language of your heart. Ask Him for help and guidance for your day. Listen, then, in your heart for His whisper. Then you will develop your intuition and knowing that you have the protection, caring and love of the Infinite Father and the Divine Mother. You are Their child.

Many blessings on your efforts.