Path of Self-Realization


I have three questions. (1) Would Paramhansa Yogananda approve of these teachings that are outside of the SRF stamp of approval?; (2) I was told that one should not practice Kriya if they are sick? Is this true? and (3) If for health reasons, one cannot perform all of the exercises in the SRC lessons such as the muscle exercises, can one still learn Kriya? Does it take a gradual course such as this to be safe to learn the technique and receive the benefit?

—Terri Myers, Usa


Dear Terri,

No single organization can impound the teachings and vibration of a true master and avatar. Has not history shown that human organizations act as much for their own benefit as for the spiritual welfare of those they claim or seek to serve? It is through the teachings, examples, and vibration of living disciples that the ray of divine light is spread from the guru into the world. Is it not so in the lives of Jesus Christ, Buddha, and others? Yogananda taught that the saints are the true custodians of religion, not human institutions, even one created by the guru. It is not the institution that has consciousness, pure or otherwise, but humans aka disciples. Each disciple is necessarily a filter for the guru’s vibration and woe to that disciple(s) who claims superiority over all others.

Yogananda and his lineage taught that one should not practice kriya if seriously ill: this could be a respiratory ailment, fever, post surgery or any situation where the body needs the life force for serious healing; hence the withdrawal of life force from the body (which is the process of kriya) goes against the body’s need for that healing power. But this is not saying that a tickle in the throat, a mild cold, or daily aches and pains, are excuses for not practicing kriya yoga.

Unfortunately, many disciples do not understand the importance of the tension (muscle/energization) exercises. We should be “good” disciples and take the prescription given to us by the doctor of delusion if we really want to become free. Nonetheless, God watches the heart, not the exercises and if your health makes it difficult or impossible to do some or all, do what you can. Joyful obedience to the guru brings attunement, wisdom and the power to ascend spiritually. If faced with what seems a choice, do your kriyas — always! But also try to do [some of] the Energization Exercises. Reality is both and, not either-or! If you try, the guru will make it possible, even miraculously! Have faith and do your best. What else can the sincere devotee do! God doesn’t mind our faults but seeks only our love. Isn’t that the MOST important thing?

Ok? Joy and blessings!

Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA