Prayers for Your Bother’s Soul


While my mind was wondering my brother appeared in my thoughts and said he had had enough of this life and is now in spirit. I also had the same while meditating. But felt more it was his intention to pass over. There is no way I can check this as we are not in touch in this realm. What would you suggest. Should I try and contact him spirituality.

—Moira, England


Dear Moira,

Thank you for your question. Please pray for your brother using this Divine Mother Healing Prayer from Paramhansa Yogananda. This prayer will help him whether to not he has crossed over already. The wording of your intuitive messages regarding your brother leaves me concerned that he is considering suicide, or has already taken his life. Please also read my article, The Saddest Prayers, because it will help you know how to pray for him, whether or not he is still in the body, or is now in the astral world. The nature of the prayer is to encourage the discouraged or suicidal soul to look up to the Light.

The Divine Mother Prayer is very powerful, so please pray it daily for your brother. It is also possible that he is very ill and is discouraged, and thus has lost his will to live. Since you are not in touch with him, you will have to see if you get any clear intuitions on this either way. The beauty of praying for someone every day is that it can create a pathway of divine understanding, giving you deeper guidance into your brother’s true needs at this time.

I am sorry for whatever heartaches have caused you both to lose touch with each other. No matter what troubles he has endured, he is blessed to have a sister like you to care about him from afar, and to pray to Divine Mother for his body, mind, and soul.

Mary Kretzmann
Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry