Pulling Sensation or Headaches Caused by Kundalini? Understand About Kundalini Awakening Headaches


Hello Swami, Does kundalini awakening cases any side effects? I have strong pulling sensation on top of my head, some time in my forehead I found that sometime this pulling sensation end up in a strong headache. So I"m worried — is there anything wrong in my meditation technique? Awaiting for your reply.

—Sreeni , India


Dear Sreeni,

Yes, there can be certain experiences, which happen when kundalini begins to awaken and as you deepen your meditation practices.

What you have described (a pulling sensation) is common and not at all unusual—it simply means that energy is on the move in your chakras, astral spine, etc. But ending up with a strong headache is not a good thing to have to happen and probably means you are over-tensing your eyes or forehead, perhaps by trying too hard to gaze at the spiritual eye. This is a good practice, but it must be done with relaxation.

When you feel tension in your eyes or forehead, squeeze your eyes tightly shut, then relax them completely. Do this several times. Then relax your eyes completely and position them comfortably with eyelids closes or perhaps slightly open. Imagine you are gazing at a light on top of a mountain, far in the distance. Feel as though your eyes are being drawn toward that point, but never with strain and always with relaxation.

Always pray to your Guru for help and guidance. It will be there for you if you ask!