Questions about My Guru


Please tell me is there any technique to know that my guru is happy with me or not and how can I see my guru in dream? I feel sometimes a very cool breeze on my body during meditation. What does it indicate? Thank you very much.

—Haq/Hani, Turkey


Dear Haq/Hani, Regarding your questions about your guru. It would depend on whether or not your guru is God-realized. If so, then there is no question that he or she is always happy with you, for the guru loves you unconditionally, no matter what you do or don’t do—just as God does. The Guru’s only desire is for your liberation and highest good.

Nevertheless, other important questions to ask would be these: “Are you feeling more and more inner happiness, as you move along on your spiritual journey, as outlined for you through in guru’s teachings? Are you sincerely striving daily to meditate every day and to attune yourself to your guru’s inner presence at all times?”

Can you see your guru in a dream? Yes, of course, for a true guru is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent, just as God is! Each night before you go to sleep, pray that he will come to you in a dream and bless you. Whether he does or doesn’t, keep attuning yourself to his inner presence. Eventually it will happen.

Finally, about the “very cool breeze I feel on my body during meditation,” many such phenomena can happen to a meditator. Generally, unless it feels uncomfortable or frightening in some way, such things are a blessing to you from God/Guru, to let you know that your efforts in meditation are going in the right direction. Also, when something like this happens, say a prayer to God/guru asking what, if anything, you need to learn from this experience.

However, much important than any phenomena experienced in meditation would be for you to notice how you are changing for the better in daily life. Are you more centered and calm no matter what is going on around you, do you feel even-minded and cheerful under all circumstances—things like these are the truest indicators of spiritual progress.