Receiving a Spiritual Name


I am curious about how one goes about receiving a spiritual name. recently I have been having thoughts about taking a new name. I have even had one come to me in meditation. I am a disciple of Yogananda and I know it is Swami Kriyananda who blesses those seeking a spiritual name with one or one that has come to them already. since I am not in the presence of Swami at this moment is it best to wait until I may be or can he bless us from afar. blessings and much gratitude to you.

—carrie, usa


Dear Carrie,

There are several ways to receive a spiritual name. Most of us at Ananda have asked for a spiritual name directly from Swami Kriyananda, and he has blessed us in person with a new name.

He meditates deeply on the person asking, to see what name “vibrates” well with him or her.

Some people have chosen a name for themselves, and then asked for his blessings for using it. Most of the time, he has given it or else suggested some other more suitable name.

If a name has come to you in meditation, be sure to look up it’s meaning. Then if it still feels right, you might want to tell Swamiji, via e-mail, about the name and how you received it.

If he doesn’t know you at all, then it is less likely that he would be able to offer you a spiritual name – though he has, in some cases, done it “from afar.” In any case, he would need a photo of you to tune in to you.

Blessings to you in this process!