How Do You Relax in a Meditative State?


I saw that spiritual star very big and clear while I was asleep. I wanted to wake up and google. I told my mind to wake up but my body froze at that time and I woke up after an hour. During meditation the day before I saw a white dot and purple light surrounding it. Why is it that I see all of this when I am asleep and deeply relaxed and my body freezes? Why is it that I don’t see it while I am actually meditating?

—Japji kaur, India


Thank you for your question.

It does seem, as your intuition is saying, that when your body is relaxed in sleep you are able to connect with the energy generated in your meditations and see a focused version of the spiritual eye, than you see when you are actually meditating.

When the light of the spiritual eye is seen perfectly, it takes the form of a five-pointed star set in a field of deep blue or violet light and circled by a shining ring of gold. It seems you are experiencing a variation of that inner light. To refine that experience when you are meditating is, of course, the goal.

Here are some ideas that may be helpful, now, to focus on relaxation in the body before you sit to meditate and during your meditation. Here is short exercise to try.

For physical relaxation during meditation first tense the entire body then relax the body. To begin, take a few slow, deep breaths in order to free the body of the build up of toxins. Then follow the exercise of inhaling counting mentally to 12. Hold the breath to the count of 12, and exhale, again, counting to 12. Repeat this 6-12 times. Tense the whole body and throw out the breath and then consciously, slowly relax. This is an exercise to assist in letting go of the body to go deeper in your meditation.

Also, here is a visualization. Visualize yourself surrounded by space-this space is all around you, space entering you body like pure light throughout your entire body bringing total relaxation. Check yourself every now and then to make sure you are staying relaxed. If you feel tension coming back exhale, again, forcibly. Then go back to visualizing that freedom of that space.

In addition to these ideas on relaxation follow the guidelines you were given for meditation such as energizing, doing yoga postures, good diet, exercise, and rest. Satsang and group meditations can be helpful.

Most of all in self-offering ask God in the language of your heart to be with you when you meditate and in your life. He will help, bless, and guide you.

Many blessings on your efforts.