How To Remain Unaffected in Bad Company


How can I remain unaffected when I am in bad company, and can’t avoid these persons, as they are loved ones of my own family? Please tell a way to continue to stay in tune with God, so that we may not deviate from the path of Self-realisation.

—chandrajita , India


Dear Chandrajita
When we can’t avoid a certain company, it is best to consider it as a gift from God, given to us from Him so that we learn a specific lesson. With this attitude it might even become our greatest blessing. You will become much stronger.

Try to meditate in the morning, harmonising your inner energy. Then, when you are in in such unfavourable company, silently radiate positive energy outward, as a channel of God’s blessing. That outward flowing energy will act as a protection. If you pray to be a channel for God’s light, you will stay in tune with Him.

Always try to remain in your calm, peaceful, and strong center, which you build up during your daily meditation. Then, when you are in such company, don’t let your energy be pulled down. Affirm with Yogananda: “I am the prince of perpetual peace, playing the drama of sad and happy dreams on the stage of experience.”

In such a situation, also keep what Yogananda calls “a spiritual bodyguard”: mentally think a Master at your side. He or she will protect you.

Or, alternatively, think God when you are in that company. Practice japa, mentally repeating a name of God. He choses those who chose Him.

God bless you,