Root of Depression


Can there be a karmic reason for my suicidal thoughts and clinical depression ?

—Shruti Kalra, India


Dear Shruti,

In this universe governed by cause and effect, there are always causes for the effects we experience! So, yes, indeed karma plays a role in the appearance of depression and negative thoughts, especially when there is no obvious or immediate cause or trigger for them.

Unfortunately, that fact is itself merely clinical. It is not especially helpful or enlightening. Nor should we reach for “karma” as some vague excuse that permits us to remain passively stuck in negativity.

As the masters tell us: what we have created, we can change. And this is the most important point. How much effort and how long must we sustain our efforts — who can say? (Because we do not know how much effort and time it took to get to this state of affairs.) But we can change this state of consciousness and enter into a more positive life, attitudes, and expectations.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Seek competent medical assistance including the support, if helpful, of medication and/or psychotherapy.
  • The core solution is energy! So, see the following ideas.
  • Associate with people who are positive and energetic. Serve them or serve others with them.
  • Exercise daily. We recommend Paramhansa Yogananda’s excellent exercise routine called Energization Exercises. Together with some cardio exercise.
  • Read a joke every day! (Oh, and remember to laugh!)
  • Read inspirational words every day. (Ananda India publishes many short, daily affirmations or ideas plus longer works of inspiration and practicality.)
  • Focus on eating foods that are fresh and vital. Cut down or eliminate sugar, refined grains, and heavy, fried foods.
  • Pray and meditate daily. Meditate with joy! Chant with joy!
  • Let your mantra be: Say YES to life! Learn to say and feel YES I CAN! YES, I WILL!
  • Make sure your sleep cycle is sufficient for rest; avoid staying up late or sleeping in.
  • Each day visualize yourself healthy, happy, active, and filled with God’s JOY! “God serving God!”

Well, that seems like plenty; do you think so?

Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA