I have been meditating for 3 years. I started with 'Om.' I have questions but I didn’t find any one who can give proper answers. I can see lights during meditation and different colors. I can see auras. I can see my face during meditation. I feel some sensations in my muladhara chakra and sometimes I can feel something crawling upward when I concentrate on anything with open eyes. Then I can see those images after closing my eyes too but they are glowing images. I have other experiences too.

—Sushrita Singh, India


Dear Sushrita,

As we go deeper in meditation some people have a lot of sensory experiences such as you describe, and some people have none.

You could be experiencing the feeling of energy rising during meditation. Our energy follows our attention. In meditation, we withdraw our attention and energy which normally goes outward through the senses and into activity in the world and direct it inward and upward to the spiritual eye, the point between the eyebrows. It is when concentrating deeply at that point that we may connect with our higher Self, our soul nature and God’s presence within us and all around us.

Concentration at the spiritual eye magnetizes the energy deep in our astral spine (this energy is called kundalini) and starts to draw it upward. As it rises, we may experience physical movement or a sensation of energy at our chakras, or see colors associated awakening energy in the chakras. When we withdraw our energy inward but our concentration upward is not perfect it is possible for the energy to go downward rather than upward. Then we may experience subconscious dream states, or mental wandering.

Some of what you experience may be of that nature. The glowing after images you see after staring at something in your visual field may be connected with the retina and nerves in your eye causing a physiological response. Some of what you experience may be energy rising in your astral spine. So, potentially quite a mixed bag!

Most important is not to become attached to any particular inner sensory experience that may come in meditation as this will limit your openness to the infinite divine presence. Always offer experiences up to the spiritual eye. When all of our energy is concentrated at that point and from that point we dive deep into the Infinite we will know Peace, Calmness, and Joy beyond any worldly experience or understanding. When we have such an experience it is life-changing and we know we have touched Truth.

Savitri Simpson has written a book called Chakras for Starters available in India at Ananda Sangha Publications. She gives a lot of detail about our astral spine, the chakras, and their qualities. You might be interested. I would also encourage you to explore meditation technique further as use of technique will help bring your energy inward and upward more perfectly. If you would like to learn about the meditation techniques brought by Paramhansa Yogananda you can explore our lessons at Ananda Meditation Courses.

Many Blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti

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