I see random patterns, at times circles (dark inside with glowing periphery or vice versa) moving away or towards me, sometimes left to right/ rt to lt during meditation. Please tell if it means something or is it my imagination.

—Puneet Parashar, UAE


Dear Puneet,

It is not strange to be seeing patterns while meditating. It is actually quite common to see many sorts of lights and images when one is meditating. Eventually, as you are able to meditate more deeply and overcome all mental restlessness, any images you are seeing merge together and then you will see and feel your consciousness moving into the perfect image of the spiritual eye, located in the center of your forehead—between your eyebrows.

It is described by the great Masters in this way: It appears as dark blue/purple circle or tunnel, surrounded by a golden halo of light. In the center of the image is a small silvery-white, 5-pointed star. Everyone eventually sees it in the same way.

The circles you are describing might be something close to the spiritual eye and also may be indicating your ability to see the spiritual eye someday soon. When you do see it, concentrate deeply on it and let it draw you into its radiant blessings.

Whatever happens when you are meditating, be sure to pray for help and guidance at all times, before, during, and after your meditation times. Pray to God and Guru (if you have a Guru) and you will be guided in every possible way.

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