Does Seeing Spirits Mean That My Third Eye Is Open?


I am a 58-year-old female. For 3 years I have been able to see silhouettes of Holy Spirits. I can talk to them through my mind and see Souls, too. Is my 3rd eye open? A priest told me I am gifted. How can I develop these blessings

—Rosa Estelle Chiu , Philippines


Dear Rosa,

No, experiencing this kinds of phenomena does not mean that your third eye is open. Nor are seeing and mentally talking to silhouettes of Holy Spirits or Souls (perhaps you mean departed souls?) necessarily signs of advanced spiritual progress.

Most likely, these things are gifts to you from God, just as the priest told you. They are probably meant to encourage you now in developing yourself spiritually. The best thing you can do to make that happen quickly is to learn to meditate.

Prayer is talking with God. Meditation is listening for the answers. Meditation or inner communion is an ancient and honored practice among most religious traditions. If you would like help in learning effective techniques of meditation from Ananda Sangha, please let us know.

Blessings and joy to you!