Seeking peace after the loss of a dear one


I am a young widow with a 7 year-old daughter. 2 months ago I lost my husband. From the early age I was attracted to the spiritual path. Many times I have been pacified by the words of Yogananda. I know this life is a dream, but I still have to live in it. I am seeking peace. Please help.

—vaishu, india


Dear one,

I am so sorry for your loss. You mention that Yogananda’s writings have brought you peace in the past. I would like to encourage you to continue reading his books. Make his words your every-day companion. You can read his Autobiography for free on our website. You can also buy his books from Crystal Clarity Publishers. One in particular, How To Be Happy All the Time comes to mind.

Life can bring many tragedies, as you have experienced. And yet, God expects us to find our happiness in Him. As it says in the Festival of Light, a ceremony we perform every Sunday at Ananda, “When we need you, our Beloved, You descend. Our human griefs Your love alone can mend.” Seek your solace in your devotion to God and Yogananda. Ask Them to comfort you in whatever way They choose, and you will surely feel Their healing touch.

If you are able to practice a little meditation, by all means do so. It will help you to still the waves of emotion and grief in your heart, so you can better attune yourself to God’s presence within. You can learn a simple meditation technique for free on our website.

Above all, give your life to God. You will find yourself subtly guided and encouraged in every worthwhile undertaking, including caring for your daughter and earning a living for you both. There needs to be no separation in the life of a devotee, from a formal time of worship, and the daily life. It is up to each one of us to make it so. You have my prayers.