Should I Avoid Black Clothes and Items?


I’ve heard that black is a negative colour and it’s use should be discouraged. Should I discard my black dresses and other black items I own like my umbrella?

—Kana, India


Dear Kana,

Yes, black is the absence of color. It represents death. We should be careful with using it. It would be unwise, for example, to paint parts of our rooms in our home black (as an old friend of mine has done). Nobody associates a happy feeling with the color black. All languages speak about a “black mood,” or “I had a black day.” Black is the color of depression and of dark feelings. It also has power, but not an enlightened one. It is used by certain monks and nuns to signify death to the world, to be born in Spirit. But yes, in general, it should be avoided.

I wouldn’t go so far as not to use a black umbrella anymore (that would feel a little fanatic). But in your clothes, and in your environment, try to avoid it if you can. Color is so much happier. When you dress with nice colors, think of it as a gift to the world, not as a means to attract attention to yourself.