Spiritual confusion


I read a lots of books on spirituality and enlightenment, and now I am confused about what should I do now -- because sometimes I feel that I am an enlightened person and sometimes not. What should I do?

—Gunzan kumar hareet, India


Reading many different books on spirituality and enlightenment and not focusing on one way can lead to spiritual confusion. It is best to find what is most meaningful for you and stick to that path. Having a liberated guru is the greatest guide on the spiritual path. A true guru will help you in this search. Listening to your inner voice can lead you to that guru and path. Meditation and focusing on that inner connection can take you sooner to that enlightenment than all the spiritual books and ideas that the world offers you. No one can truly judge how close we are to liberation and enlightenment, as you asked about. The best way to reach that goal is with constant inner commitment to listening especially in your heart. Your question is good and can only be from someone who is very serious about their search and love of God. Many blessings on your efforts.