Spiritual eye colors


After Hong Sau technique I meditate on the Om sound that comes from within. After listening different kinds of Anahat Naad I see a black dot with orange circumference. It looks like an orange ring in dark like solar eclipse. I don't see blue/white sphere or colours. What is It? Am I on wrong track? I also feel gravitational pull towards it. Will I die if i get into it?

—Spiritual Seeker, India


Dear Spiritual Seeker,
We are glad to hear that you are practicing both the Hong-Sau and AUM techniques of meditation, which are part of Yogananda’s path of Kriya Yoga. What you are describing may be a variation of the spiritual eye’s shape and color.

Sometimes it has been described as a dark or black tunnel or circle, which appears in your brow. It has also been said to look like a solar eclipse (black, with an orange halo). It is true that when it is seen in its perfection, it is as Yogananda describes it: (an indigo-blue circle or tunnel, surrounded by a bright halo of golden light, and in the center, a tiny, silvery-white, 5-pointed star). It is always there to be seen. It’s just that it often takes a lot of practice in meditation, to calm our restless mines enough to see it, in all its incredibly beautiful perfection of colors and shapes.

No you are not on the wrong track. You are definitely on the right track! It is a good sign to feel the spiritual eye drawing you into it! No, you will not die if you go into the tunnels of light, unless it is your time to die. Rather you will go into higher levels of spiritual revelation and bliss. Keep going! You’ll get there.