Spiritual Eye – Will Center


The third eye center is the "transmission center" of the body. How to transmit messages to dead and alive loved ones? What is the process? Do they hear words? Or get feelings? Can I transmit messages to Yogananda or other masters? Will they reply? How to increase the transmission capacity of the third eye?

—Siddharth Kumar, India


Dear Friend,

Paramhansa Yogananda (PY) did indeed teach that the spiritual eye is the transmission center for sending psychic messages. He also called it the “will center.” But it is also much more than this and a more esoteric (subtle) thing than only being a kind of broadcast tower. Here are a few thoughts to give you a sense of what he taught:

  1. The “point between the eyebrows” (known by many names in different languages but which we can call the “spiritual eye” or PBE) is a reflection of the life force or prana entering and exiting through the medulla oblongata at the base of the brain (in the back — seat of “ego”).
  2. PY taught that to become enlightened one’s consciousness should be always centered at PBE (rather than at its negative pole at the medulla, seat of ego consciousness). We should practice being aware at the PBE throughout our waking hours. We can do all things consciously with an awareness of the seat of the Divine or enlightened Ego.
  3. We can transmit our prayer-demands for self or for healing of others from the PBE as you stated.
  4. We must be careful to engage the heart’s natural love lest our will power generated focus at PBE become “ruthless”
  5. The receiving station for receiving an answer to our prayers or from loved ones to whom we have communicated is in the sensitive feeling heart center. (Though sometimes also at the PBE)
  6. Therefore to increase the “transmission capacity” of PBE one should live ever more completely there with the support of pure feeling and pure intentions of the heart center. To this end we should develop our devotion to God, to truth, to guru.
  7. Our sincere prayer-demands to God and gurus WILL BE ANSWERED in proportion to the degree of our concentration, sincerity, need, and high mindedness. Prayers for wealth are obviously less likely to be answered than prayers to know the love of God! But all prayers are answered. One must accept first that any prayer must be should be to know, love and serve God and thus to be open to the divine will for our own enlightenment. Anything of a material nature is far lesser, including healing of body or mind.
  8. The “answer” to our prayer will come in the form and time/space deemed best for our soul’s awakening. You must not be too specific or ego-centric in your prayer. Try to sensitively feel God’s response in your heart but keep in mind that the answer may come at another time and place, as well as a form you do not expect.
  9. Prayers to loved ones who have left this world can indeed reach them through the PBE and their responses can indeed be felt in the heart. However one must be persistent day in and day out and our desire and love for them must be free from attachment. Remember the story of how Master found the soul of the boy Kashi? (Autobiography of a Yogi)? It took him many months of psychic searching to find the boy reincarnated. So persistence and calmness are necessary. I believe that in one of Yogananda’s printed lessons he said that we must first be able to see the spiritual eye or in any case achieve a deep state of meditation before contacting the departed souls. Be very careful not to “play” with psychic phenomenon for egoic purposes.

Well, I think that’s plenty for now. Do not “use” yogic techniques for personal gain nor yet believe that willpower alone can conquer “the heavens”. Indian literature is filled with examples of yogis who used meditation to obtain “boons” of power. This is the temptation always faced by those who go by willpower without devotion and self-offering. As the ancient tale warns us: “Watch what you wish for!” Instead, give yourself to God and gurus as their instruments, praying that they become both the Doer AND the instrument. “I killed Yogananda long ago.” he stated, “No one dwells in this form but God.”


Nayaswami Hriman

Seattle WA USA