Spiritualizing Your Work


Hi, I am an 18-year-old studying in 12th standard. I had 100k views on a song cover of a song which was a new version of a Sufi kawali which is very famous as a pop song. Well, I believe in God and want to do music which is good for people. Can I do pop music for my YouTube channel? It seems like I can have many creative ideas for doing covers of pop and they are not obscene in nature. I am also trained in India classical and would like to do that too. Should I make pop covers?

—Ekaakshar, India


Dear Friend,

The fact that you question doing covers for pop songs is itself something you should pay attention to – in other words, listen to your own intuition.

There are two other aspects worth mentioning: 1) Why not try doing covers and see how it affects your consciousness and connection with God? and 2) Remember that no human activity that is ethical is either spiritual or not spiritual.  It depends on the intention behind the act and the consequence of the act upon your consciousness.

Therefore, if you continue doing this, do so with caution, paying attention to how it affects your inner awareness, calmness, and love for God. If popularity or no popularity affects your moods, this too should be noted. You do not want to pursue an activity that increases egotism.

Artistic work such as you describe can convey symbols, feelings, and images that are uplifting or, by contrast, degrading. If your artistic expression for song covers can be joyful, expansive, inclusive, and uplifting, perhaps this is a good channel for your service.

You might continue this and see how it affects you — and, perhaps, even others. Okay?

Blessings and joy to you in all that you do!

Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA