Struggle to Surrender to God


Somehow I have been seeing repeated numbers like 1111, 111, 222 on a regular basis in highly unreal ways. Does it mean anything to see them?

Secondly, For no reason I got into a very strange profession of a mind and life coach and a self-help books author. After extreme struggle I feel like surrendering to god as i cannot handle life by myself. I don't know whats happening or if I'm on the right track or not?

—Rajat, India


In your struggle to surrender, you are already very blessed to realize that as you said ‘I cannot handle life by myself’. All devotees come to that very realization at some point in their search for God. It does come in varying degrees as our commitment to the spiritual path grows from within.

Meditation will help you make that surrender to God. A meditation technique will begin to set the foundation for you going inward to make the connection to God. In the language of your heart, as you go deeper into learning to meditate, you will feel the guidance and blessings to know how to proceed with clarity for your next step. Please view this short guided meditation which will be a great resource for you.

Guidance from self help books and signs (like the numbers) often are not the clearest indicators of the right ‘track’ to be on for any length of time. True guidance and direction can come to us from within inspired by a connection with the Infinite. One way to know if a direction is a correct one is that it is accompanied by a peace, calmness and joy. After finding the calm in meditation, talk to God in your heart asking for His blessings and guidance with love and gratitude.

Many blessings on your sincere desire to be guided to your highest potential in life.