Questions regarding telepathy: When I send telepathy messages, the receiver contacts me after sometime. But I have never informed them about my sending them messages. So how do they know its me when I send telepathy messages? Why do they start thinking of me and not someone else? What if I do telepathy on a dead person? When is the best time to send messages using telepathy? When I am thinking of someone, can it be that they are sending me a message unknowingly?

—Ravi Kumar Singh, Qatar


Dear Friend,

If I call a friend on the telephone but they are unable to answer, they know it was me from the number shown on the phone. So too, if you are thinking of a friend and especially if you are consciously sending a message, if they receive it they will know it’s you! You have “their number” and they have “yours!” If the message “goes through” at all, the receiver will know who “called.”

No one is dead! Everyone is alive. They just inhabit different forms. Nonetheless, being in the astral realm is like have a telephone number in a different country. You need to know the country code. By this I mean that messages between physical and astral regions are not as easily communicated because the vibration of consciousness is on different levels. I could go on with more explanation but suffice to say that piercing the veil of the “beyond” requires a more intricate and intimate connection (relationship) and a stronger signal than here on earth. Delays in responses are typical: days, weeks, or months, even.

Telepathy probably works best during times of sleep though that doesn’t have to be true. Some people are more susceptible to messages at night but not everyone. You just have to experiment.

Yes! If suddenly the thought appears in your mind of the name or image of someone you know, and especially when there’s no reason on “your side” to be thinking of them, they might indeed be thinking of you. Be careful, however, as your thoughts are probably more likely to be influenced by your own subconscious mind than the mind of another person. You could I suppose, test this by contacting the person by phone or by telepathy and see what happens. So yes, it is possible but don’t simply assume that this is the reason until your own psychic antennae have been proven reasonably accurate.


Blessings and Joy to You!
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA