The Meaning of Different Images and Lights


What means to see a large eye moving in the four cardinal points, then it becomes 3 eyes moving likewise observing me. I have seen the same eye inside a triangle. I also saw a number of geometrical shapes as if I was diving into them, they had an aura of resplendence around them. I saw a 5 pointed white star in a circle of indigo blue with a ring of white around the blue shooting white rays around. I have seen an explosion of white light also. Can the third eye open and then close on its own?

—Elisa, USA


Dear Elisa, I don’t know if you meditate regularly, or if so, what techniques of meditation you use; so I’ll need to answer your question a little more generally.

People who meditate sometimes see, while meditating or at other times also, images such as what you are describing. The most important image among those you mention is the one with the 5-pointed white star. This image is seen, eventually, by everyone as a part of their spiritual progress. It is called the third eye or spiritual eye and is most commonly perceived at the point between the eyebrows. Seen perfectly, it is much as you described: a 5-pointed white star in a circle of deep indigo-blue, which is in turn surrounded by a ring or halo of golden light. To see your spiritual eye, in any form, is a great blessing.

No, the spiritual eye does not “open and close” on its own. It is always there within our energy beings, waiting to be perceived, when we become calm enough to realize and thus “see” it.

As for the other images or lights you mentioned, you would be the best one to determine what, if any, meaning they have for you. The best way to do that is, at the beginning of your meditations, pray to God and Guru (if you have one) to reveal their meanings to you. Then go ahead and practice your meditation techniques to quiet your mind as much as possible.

At the close of your meditation, ask again and wait in stillness to receive the answers. They may not come immediately or just at that time when you are waiting. They may come later, often when you are not expecting them. In any case, be grateful that Divine Spirit within you is waking up and moving you forward spiritually.

If you are not a regular meditator with specific meditation techniques to practice, I suggest that you consider doing that. We would be happy to help you in that process. Blessings always!