What Happens When Your Third Eye Starts To Open?


I think I opened my third eye but not at the best moment or the right way. I will say I did it in low vibrations. Now I feel confused and I don’t even want to sleep. But the eye is already open. How can I make the best of it? Also, is there possible to see the third eye? The reason I'm asking is because I see an eye. It's located right between my eyebrows, and I can literally see it. I can look at it when I close my eyes and even when I look at a wall or anything solid. Is it possible?

—Luz, United States


Dear Luz,

What you are seeing is not the spiritual eye but a visual image that is probably coming from your subconscious. It sounds as though you saw this under some circumstances where your consciousness was forced into this state. The subconscious is the part of our consciousness where habits, past history, daydreaming, nighttime dreaming including nightmares, our old emotional reactions, fears, traumatic experience, and hallucinations reside. The spiritual eye, when seen clearly, is a golden ring, surrounding a deep blue circular field with a white five-pointed star in the center. It does not look like a human eye. It is usually seen in deep meditation and is accompanied by very high vibration and a deep sense of bliss and peace that is beyond all worldly understanding. The opening of the spiritual eye can never be forced. It unfolds for us as our consciousness becomes increasingly still so we can see these subtle vibrations, not with our physical eyes but with our inner vision.

I suggest you not give this visual image any energy but instead practice a simple meditation technique to increase your inner stillness and uplift your consciousness. Yogananda taught a simple and very effective technique called Hong-Sau meditation which you can learn at no charge with our Learn to Meditate Mini-Course. Practice this technique daily for 5-10 minutes or more. Keep your initial meditation periods short and train your concentration to focus on the technique which involves watching the breath. If the visual image crops up during meditation, do not dwell on it, but end your meditation and try again later. With the use of this meditation practice daily over some time (several months), this disturbing image will likely fade, and you will discover a sense of increasing peace and joy within you.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti