Does the Universe Want Me to Remain with My Boyfriend?


I love my boyfriend and I’m sure he loves me, but lately I’m having these feelings that life or universe doesn’t want us together.

—Cons, mexico


Dear Cons,

Of course from outside nobody can (or should) tell you “yes” or “no” to your relationship. Once I asked that same question to Swami Kriyananda, and he simply answered, “You must feel that for yourself, inside.”

Your task is to figure out if your uncertain feelings come from the ego, and are therefore to be overcome; or if they are the silent voice of your soul. To understand it, it is important to meditate. At the end of meditation, visualize you two together, and ask at the spiritual eye (point between the eyebrows): “Is this right?” Then feel what the calm and silent heart says. Don’t listen to any emotions, but let your inner calm wisdom speak. Practice this exercise for some time, and inner certainty will grow.

Does the universe want you together? If so, what does the universe want of you, and of any couple? Of course love must be present in a relationship. But love is not the only element, and maybe not even the most important one. An essential question (from a spiritual point of view) to ask is this: “Does this relationship help us both to grow in the qualities of our soul? Does it elevate us? Do we help each other? Or does it pull us both down, or pull the negative side out of us? Which important lessons can I learn in it?” The universe simply wants you to evolve.

Relationship is a precious school of life. It is an opportunity to grow. But remember, our lasting happiness will never come from another person (that’s am endless illusion). It must be cultivated within. The best thing you can do, no matter if you stay with your boyfriend or not, is therefore to develop your inner joy, and your soul-connection with the universe, or God.

All the best,