Was Lucifer Really a Fallen Angel?


What is Lucifer from the bible? Are there really fallen angels?

—Hk, The world


Dear Friend,

The story of the fall of Lucifer is a metaphor for the turning away from God and affirmation of separateness which is the hallmark and nature of creation and the descent (fall) of consciousness into form. The outflowing divine power which was necessary to set into motion and to maintain (and to withdraw betimes) creation was endowed with a portion of the consciousness (of God) that set it into motion. This “fragment” of divinity includes the impulse to create, the intelligence to create, and the power to maintain and procreate. This is because there was and is nothing but God to begin and end with. Hence, divine consciousness is an innate part, at the center of, everything in creation. However, the taking on of the appearance of separateness in form and function is just that: an appearance, not the underlying reality. The appearance is the result of an illusion, a trick: the play of opposites which only if you look more closely (through inner stillness) you can pierce the illusion,

The intelligence inherent in this outflowing power of God is self-aware and seeks to perpetuate itself and the creation. It becomes a necessary function to maintain the creation; it is conscious; and, therefore, relative to the soul’s innate divinity, is satanic because it rejects its divine nature and truth.

God works through beings, “instruments” of His will and power. There are many such beings in the universes of thought, the heavens and hells (astral worlds), and in material form. Among them are angels and devils and many other creatures often assumed to be fictitious. They are assumed to be fictitious for the simple fact that ordinarily, they don’t appear in physical form on this plane. But they do exist in our overarching memory (fairies, mermaids, gnomes, etc.) of our own existence (between births) in the astral world (of heavens and hells).

Creation is thus conscious and in the conscious assumption of forms and functions, it is required that those functions and forms, well, function. To function one must survive. The innate qualities of divinity when turned towards the creation as an end and means of itself drives creation to behaviours that include ignorance, suffering and even intentional evil. The illusion thus tricks the consciousness in separate forms to believe that what it sees and identifies with is real. Thus the great wheel of “Samsara” (birth, life, death, rebirth) is set into motion.

Satan is not limited to anthropomorphic forms (with pitchforks etc) but is a conscious force that will work with those who are “in tune” with its intention for self-aggrandizement. If you like to get drunk, satanic consciousness will egg you on in that direction and find for you like-minded companions. The whole “game” is rigged though: because by becoming a drunkard you suffer; when you suffer, you resolve not to suffer; you begin to think how to get away from the grip of this addictive habit. Thus suffering serves as a prod to awaken beings to their higher nature; to engage their will power; to feel their connection with life and ultimately their desire to, like the prodigal son, find their way back to their home in God.

That’s the long answer to a short question: are there fallen angels? Yes! And you and I are also “fallen souls” seeking our way home.

Blessings to you!
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA