Ways to Achieve Samadhi


After a career in sales (now 71, many many health challenges), where I always did best with high goals, last year I set a goal of reaching samadhi, by June 1, 2020 (picked the highest thing I could imagine, in 2 years.) Other than daily sadhana, service, tithing, and being the best friend I can be to all, any thoughts on what else might support or empower my efforts? (BTW, I love the support I’ve always felt from/with Ananda ministers.) Bless you all.

—Bill Grady, US


Dear Bill, That is indeed a very lofty goal you have set for yourself. I certainly wish you well in achieving it!

The techniques and practices you have mentioned are very good ones. Here’s another one that Swami Kriyananda suggested. Obtain and listen to his (Swamiji’s) recording of Master’s poem “Samadhi.” Listen to it very often, perhaps once daily or more, in order to memorize it as quickly as possible. “In this way,” he said, “you will learn to live in the consciousness of samadhi at all times!”

Once memorized, repeat it mentally or out loud as often as you can remember to do so. I like to do it when I am taking a walk. The words and concepts seem to be able to enter into one’s consciousness in a very effective way — it’s a spiritually powerful poem, for sure!

The other technique Swamiji spoke about to us (something that Yogananda had also said many times, in relation to moving into samadhi) was to keep our attention at the spiritual eye, especially when meditating, but also all the time — or as much as you can remember to do so, in daily life. If you don’t actually see it well, visualize it being there anyway. It is there to be seen, and it is our gateway to cosmic consciousness.

Joy and blessings to you in your quest!